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The Journey of Poly-Flow

At Poly-Flow, we are not just a pioneer in thermoplastic hose manufacturing. We are a collective of innovators and problem solvers, dedicated to addressing diverse industrial needs with bespoke solutions. For over 30 years, Poly-Flow has been providing a diverse range of high-pressure hose products, not only for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, but also for airless paint spray equipment, sewer and water jetting, grease lubrication systems, and more. Alongside our comprehensive product range, we offer custom solutions tailored to meet unique needs. Our goal goes beyond merely offering top-tier products – we aim to assist businesses with our extensive inventory and efficient delivery.

A Triumphant Legacy of Evolution and Service Par Excellence

Poly-Flow’s influence reaches far and wide, supplying an extensive variety of industries with our quality hoses. With each passing year, we extend our reach, bringing our superior services to new markets. Today, we proudly hold our position as a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hose, known for our quality, innovation, and performance. Our diverse product line and enduring commitment to quality have allowed us to carve out a unique niche in the market.
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